The Reason WordPress Remains Dominant in Web Design

Most Blog Templates Rely On WordPress
The simple answer is that most designers still favor WordPress over any other formatting scheme. In the field of Web design, not much has changed in terms of layout and Web developing. However, the technology of computer programming has changed immensely. In fact, there is much more you can do now in terms of design techniques. Nevertheless, most companies and Web designer still prefer the simple and go-to method of WordPress.

Why You Should Tap Into Tumblr’s Social Media Blog Services
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HTML Versus CSS: How Much Complexity Is Necessary?

Cascading style sheets (CSS) were designed to add more formatting functionality and other features to the hypertext markup language (HTML). Both HTML and CSS are used together so often that some people do not even make a distinction. Creating a website using simple HTML is relatively easy. It also generates code that is easy to read and modify since the tags are self-contained and self-explanatory in most cases.

CSS is far more complex and allows a designer to redefine different elements or customize components. CSS also has features like absolute positioning that are not available directly under HTML. CSS is Read more

Five Simple Tips And Tricks To Maximize SEO

When running an SEO campaign, most take large steps to get to the top. However, when following these five simple tips, one can improve just a little more.

Speed: When factoring the organic search results, Google and Bing look at site speed. To improve this, one should remove large images and avoid using anything that is data intense.

Domain: Google trusts .com, .org and .net more than other domains. For this reason, one should buy one of these domains. Otherwise, a site owner will not get the most out of his SEO campaign.

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The Keyboard Handshake: Social Media in 2013

Today, social media is one of the largest communication platforms used throughout the entire world. Knowing the impact social media has had over the past decade can give you insight into the world of marketing, communication, business practices and even sociology.

Why Has Social Media Become So Popular?

The popularity of social media has greatly increased over time due to the expansion of the Internet as well as the development of mobile phone applications and other electronic devices. Instantly connecting with family, Read more

Is Dreamweaver A Nightmare To Avoid?

Adobe software has become the industry standard for many applications. Image editing is almost always done using Photoshop, and website design has been dominated by Dreamweaver. However, these programs have a steep learning curve, and they include features that are far beyond the skill sets of most users.

The trend in web design is toward more and more simplicity, and platforms like WordPress have allowed people with little coding skills to develop a powerful web presence. While Dreamweaver is still the go-to solution for most professional web designers, HughesNet Internet in Sandpoint, Id, it is no longer a necessary tool for the majority.

Websites today are often made online using simple drag-and-drop interfaces, or they are built using premade templates that can be customized with simple plug-ins. While many of these templates include files that can be edited using Photoshop or Dreamweaver, it is possible to produce excellent results without these programs.

Even though Dreamweaver may no longer be strictly necessary, website owners seeking a truly custom look may still want to learn how to use the program. Fortunately there are a number of websites that make this simple with a series of step-by-step video tutorials. Adobe also offers a free trial for people interested in the software.